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Gazebo purchased from Butcher Top Prooducts by Alan Brust of Pa
Courtesy of Alan Brust of Palatine Bridge, New York

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Gazebo can be focal point of yard, offer privacy, serenity of outdoors

by Joanne McFadden for The Sunday Gazette
It is not unusual for couples to knock on the door of Alan Brust’s Palatine Bridge home to ask if they can have their wedding pictures taken in his gazebo… A gazebo is, without a doubt, the focal point of its surroundings. Whether installed for practical or aesthetic reasons, these outbuildings definitely steal the show.

You can purchase a gazebo that comes in a kit and construct it yourself. For example, Butcher Top Products in Schenectady sells prefabricated kits that come packaged and palletized, complete with all the materials and hardware needed to assemble the gazebo. Or you could purchase a kit and have a qualified contractor construct it.

Kits offer various options as well. Customers have a choice of different railings, braces, turns, posts and spindles, said owner Mike Pettograsso. Butcher Top Products even carries a “Cupid Heart” design. In addition, the kits can be modified to meet particular requests.

Alan Brust, the Palatine Bridge gazebo owner, hired Jim Collins Excavataion, who put in his pond, to assemble a gazebo he purchased from Butcher Top Products. “It is made of redwood and pressure-treated Southern yellow pine, with cedar shake on the roof.” The gazebo has a dock that comes out to the center of the pond. “When you’re fishing, you can set a chair on the dock and go into the gazebo to get out of the sun,” Burst said. He also purchased two bridges in the same style and color of the gazebo, white with gray decking, to go over the inlet and outlet of his pond, adding to the pastoral feeling of the setting.

A growing trend is enclosed gazebos, some completed with vinyl windows. Brust’s gazebo has dark windows with removable screens. The windows hide him from view, which allows him to observe the wildlife in his yard without being seen. “At dusk, deer come down to the pond, and you can watch the deer right trhough the gazebo, and if you’re quiet, you don’t scare the geese either,” he said. People usually put furniture inside functional gazebos. Brust furnished his with a rustic antique maple cat’s claw table and a small bookshelf.

Those who put gazebos in their yards will really enjoy them. Brust originally put his in two years ago so that he and his father could have some shade while they were fishing, but now Brust finds that he uses it all year round. On sunny winter days, he brings a propane heater into the gazebo and enjoys the pond, where family and friends can skate when it’s frozen over.

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